Where to park in Pisa

f you decide to leave for Pisa by car, you will need some information on where to park your car. Pisa is a fairly large city, so expect to be able to remain bottled in traffic (especially during peak times) and, since the old town is surrounded by ancient medieval walls, the advice is not to enter by car ( to avoid areas with limited traffic and unpleasant situations that could be fined) but to leave it out and take two steps to walk downtown or take public transport. Parking – paid or free, no shortage in Pisa and are located in various points of the city, let’s take a closer look.

Free parking spaces

The first of the free parking areas is, of course, outside the walls, but within walking distance of both the city center and Piazza dei Miracoli. It is a parking lot located in the stadium area – in via Pietrasantina to be precise – with public transport service to the center and Piazza dei Miracoli open every day from 8.30 to 17.30 from 15 March to 14 October, and from 9 to 17 remaining months. But, rather, do you know what an exchanger parking is?
These are car parks usually (but some are also for campers or buses) completely free, which also provide a public transport service – buses, but sometimes also public bicycles – to the city center, since they are almost always in the areas peripherals. Also public transport is often free, but not in the case of this parking, where however a return ticket for the shuttle costs only … 1 euro!
There is a shuttle every 10/15 minutes to the center or, alternatively, you can opt for the bus line (to be precise, LAM red line) to Piazza dei Miracoli. Here it is also possible to park at tourist buses and campers, for which services such as water supply, public WC, bar and restaurant are provided. Campers and buses, however, must pay a daily fee of around 15 euros for campers and 40/60 euros for buses, depending on their length.

Parchegio Park and Ride

From the stadium parts, however, there are several free parking areas, just be sure to check that there are no specific road signs (street cleaning, time limitations or time disc).

Another parking is located in via Paparelli, also located outside the walls and completely free. You can park all week except Wednesday and Saturday, when the weekly market is held in the square.

From the parking lot you can easily reach both the center and Piazza dei Miracoli (about 1 km) on foot, but if you do not want to walk, you can take the E line of the shuttles or the bus to the central station of Pisa.

The parking capacity is 750 seats. The parking lot has water supply and public toilets, but the buses can not stop there. The third free parking is located in via Pratale, north of the city, also in the stadium area. This is also well served by public transport, so you have the choice between a pleasant walk or the convenience of the bus.


Paid parking spaces

The guarded parking in via Cammeo is just behind Piazza dei Miracoli. The day rate is 2 euros per hour (from 6.30 to 23.30) and the night rate is 1 euro per hour. Stop not allowed for campers.

Another parking is located in Via Vecchia Barbaricina, close to the previous one, and costs 1.50 euros per hour. There is another one, located on the other side of the city near the central station of Pisa (in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele) which was recently inaugurated; the cost is 2 euros per hour.


Parcheggio ZTL

PisaMover exchanger parking

From March 2017, there is a new opportunity to park in Pisa. Between the airport and Pisa Centrale station, along the stretch of the PisaMover shuttle there are now two new parking lots.

For those arriving in Pisa and then I have to go downtown (also in Piazza dei Miracoli), the car parks are located along the Aurelia from Via di Goletta near the exit of the highway FI-PI-LI. The cost of parking includes both 18 hours of parking and the cost of the ticket on the PisaMover shuttle round trip.

Sundays and holidays are cheaper, but the cost is definitely convenient. On the official website you will find a map and other information on subscriptions.

Paid parking along the road

There are many paid parking lots along the road (identifiable by the unmistakable blue stripes), the cost of which varies depending on the area (residents are reserved, of course, special rates). First of all, Pisa is divided into 3 areas: Pisa city, the Pisan coast and Marina di Vecchiano.

Pisa city is, in turn, divided into 7 areas and the cost of parking varies from 0.6 to 2 euros per hour. Parking on the coast, however, is free from September 15th to June 1st. During the remaining months, parking is subject to charges, especially during holidays and days before public holidays. The cost is 0.50 euros per hour and 4 euros for the whole day; Monthly and seasonal season tickets are also available.

Finally, Marina di Vecchiano: parking here costs 1.80 euros per hour, while the daily rate is 10 euros (not very cheap !!), with the exception of vehicles for the disabled or transporting disabled (which must show the appropriate authorization on the dashboard), vehicles for public rescue and surveillance, for which the stop is free. Parking along the road is usually paid in cash – with coins – at the relevant machines that issue the receipt to be shown on the dashboard.

Even the car parks in the structure or in the areas used are equipped with self-service machines, where you usually pay before leaving in cash, or with credit cards or prepaid (not always). The prepaid cards can be found at tobacconists or other affiliated shops that exhibit the related coupon.


Parchegio Pisamo

That said, I remind you that the parking lots along the road are usually charged only from 8 am to 8 pm, so if you are planning a night visit to the famous city of the Leaning Tower, maybe for a romantic dinner in one of its many famous typical restaurants, you will not have to pay any parking!

For more information on parking in Pisa and its province, take a look at www.pisamo.it; while, for a detailed map showing the dislocation of the car parks, visit http://www.pisamo.it/interno.php?id=7&lang=it

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